06 January 2013

two MASSIVE loads

Feeling very good today. Have only just started looking around and already got 2 massive loads, one guy after the other.

First guy was late 30s, decent looking cock and reasonable body from his pics. But when I met him I soon found out that his pics were completely deceptive. Could have been of another guy almost. This dude was smoking hot, complete macho, blue wifebeater on and all. He had a hot beard and seemed like an average body with his shirt on but once it came off I found it was all muscle. And hair. Fucking YUM!

I stopped staring and drooling just enough to get down on my knees and take his big 8" cut cock in my mouth. Sucked it good, alternating between going deep and working the head with my tongue. Asked him if he was ready to feed me his cum and he said he wasn't close yet. So I stopped sucking and licked his balls, gently at first then took both into my mouth at once. That got him moaning hard! Played with his sexy furry chest and nipples with my hands until it drove me wild and I just HAD to lick them. There's just something about a man's hairy chest that drives me totally insane and I had to try not to touch my cock unless I cum.

Got back down on his cock and sucked it good, nice and keep, then worked it with my hand at the same time. That got him close to the edge and then over it as he shot an enormous load of sweet gooey cum straight down my throat. Took his cock deep as he shot so I got all of it. After that I spent a good minute or so admiring his cock, licking and gently sucking it until I made sure I'd cleaned off all his hot man sperm.

Second guy was a regular that would have joined in but wasn't keen. He gets turned on big time by the amount of cock that I drain but has never been up for a threesome for some reason. Oh well. I got his cock next, within minutes of the first guy. He told me he had a 3 day load and that I had to get slutty with his cock.

Uh, well OK. What else was I gonna do? He dropped his shorts and his massive thick slab of uncut wog meat flopped out. This guy is fucking massive, even when soft. He's late 30s too, average body but cute face and totally amazing cock. Easily 9" and maybe more. I got down and took it in my mouth straight away, taking it all while he got hard. He threw me off and ordered me to suck on his balls. I love doing that with him but it's always a bit of a challenge. Even his balls are so fucking big it's a struggle to get both in my mouth at the same time. But he pushes them in and makes me suck them good.

When he was fully hard (and fully massive) I got back to work on his big cock. Took it deep then worked the head with my hand and tongue which usually drives him wild. Didn't take long till he was panting hard and about to shoot. As he shot I took his cock deep again to get every last drop. This was definitely one of the biggest loads I've ever taken. I had to keep pulling back a bit so I could swallow it before going back for more.

After he blew I licked off his cock and sexy foreskin. He asked if I was doing this before or after lunch. I said it was lunch.