06 January 2013

two MASSIVE loads

Feeling very good today. Have only just started looking around and already got 2 massive loads, one guy after the other.

First guy was late 30s, decent looking cock and reasonable body from his pics. But when I met him I soon found out that his pics were completely deceptive. Could have been of another guy almost. This dude was smoking hot, complete macho, blue wifebeater on and all. He had a hot beard and seemed like an average body with his shirt on but once it came off I found it was all muscle. And hair. Fucking YUM!

I stopped staring and drooling just enough to get down on my knees and take his big 8" cut cock in my mouth. Sucked it good, alternating between going deep and working the head with my tongue. Asked him if he was ready to feed me his cum and he said he wasn't close yet. So I stopped sucking and licked his balls, gently at first then took both into my mouth at once. That got him moaning hard! Played with his sexy furry chest and nipples with my hands until it drove me wild and I just HAD to lick them. There's just something about a man's hairy chest that drives me totally insane and I had to try not to touch my cock unless I cum.

Got back down on his cock and sucked it good, nice and keep, then worked it with my hand at the same time. That got him close to the edge and then over it as he shot an enormous load of sweet gooey cum straight down my throat. Took his cock deep as he shot so I got all of it. After that I spent a good minute or so admiring his cock, licking and gently sucking it until I made sure I'd cleaned off all his hot man sperm.

Second guy was a regular that would have joined in but wasn't keen. He gets turned on big time by the amount of cock that I drain but has never been up for a threesome for some reason. Oh well. I got his cock next, within minutes of the first guy. He told me he had a 3 day load and that I had to get slutty with his cock.

Uh, well OK. What else was I gonna do? He dropped his shorts and his massive thick slab of uncut wog meat flopped out. This guy is fucking massive, even when soft. He's late 30s too, average body but cute face and totally amazing cock. Easily 9" and maybe more. I got down and took it in my mouth straight away, taking it all while he got hard. He threw me off and ordered me to suck on his balls. I love doing that with him but it's always a bit of a challenge. Even his balls are so fucking big it's a struggle to get both in my mouth at the same time. But he pushes them in and makes me suck them good.

When he was fully hard (and fully massive) I got back to work on his big cock. Took it deep then worked the head with my hand and tongue which usually drives him wild. Didn't take long till he was panting hard and about to shoot. As he shot I took his cock deep again to get every last drop. This was definitely one of the biggest loads I've ever taken. I had to keep pulling back a bit so I could swallow it before going back for more.

After he blew I licked off his cock and sexy foreskin. He asked if I was doing this before or after lunch. I said it was lunch.

05 January 2013

hottest guy ever

You know how some guys are just too fucking hot to be true, and they never hook up randomly?

This happened about a week ago but it's so hot I have to blog it. Chatted online to this slim white dude, 24 and an amazing toned slim body. The kind of body that makes you drool and think that he is either fake or not ever going to meet.

Well I was so wrong. He was nearby so I asked if he wanted a blowjob, and in no time I was on the end of his cock. Still pinching myself! Totally couldn't believe it. He stripped off his shirt and fuckkk it was as sexy body. Toned, 6 pack, cute nipples and a little bit of hair. He got his cock out. Also beautiful... 7" uncut and perfectly straight. I got down on my knees and took it in my mouth, sucking him as best I could. It was so fucking hot looking up at his hot body and running my hands over it. Yum!!

He must have been damn horny. He shot a big load straight down my throat within minutes. Tasted really great too -- some guys just have really nice cum. With a guy like this I wasn't exactly going to stop and disappear, so I kept on sucking after he came... and he let me keep doing it. I asked him if he could cum again and he told me to try. Fuck.

He stayed hard the whole time but it was taking a while so I stopped for a bit. I sucked on his balls, ran my tongue over his hot snail trail and moved up to his nipples, even licking his sexy sweaty armpit at one point (not something I like, generally, but this guy was irresistible). After a bit I went back down to his cock and sucked him till he came. Again. Two of his loads down my throat. Purely amazing.

3 loads in the bushes

I'm shocked that guys are still reading my blog and occasionally sending me emails!! I know I need to update it more but it's always good to know I got readers.

This afternoon I went out cruising in the bushes and stumbled on 2 guys walking about, I think they were a couple. They were both older, maybe around 40, but decent looking. Went with them to a quiet spot and they got their cocks out. Yum!! One was about 7" cut, reasonable thickness, and the other around 8" cut... you know how some cut cocks just look absolutely amazing? this was one of them. Got down on my knees and started sucking them both, alternating between them. We got a bit of attention and there was a random young guy there sucking them too and letting me suck him, but he left fairly soon. Later on another slim guy showed up and I got to suck his cock too.. He was uncut, not very big, but the two cut guys were enjoying the show.

Anyway, one of them was edging and kept pushing me away so he didn't cum. Whenever he did that I went back to his boyfriends cock and sucked it, staring up at him and running my hands over his hot hairy muscled body. I told them I wanted them to cum in my mouth, and so I went back to the first guy -- didnt let him push me away this time and got a huge load down my throat. With his cum still in my mouth I took his bf's cock down my throat letting it slide in my cummy mouth. Sucked him goood until he shot a huge load straight down my throat as I took it deepthroat.

I thought they would go after that but they stood there with their cocks out, wanting to watch me swallow the young guys cum. They both played with his nipples and pretty soon I got a third load down my throat. So hot!!

22 December 2012

swallowing :)

Just swallowed a big hot load from a bi guy. He was average build, decent 7" cut cock, sucked him in the dark. He shot it all down my throat. So much cum. And so horny now!

Anyway. Last night I swallowed a few loads ...

First guy was fucking HOT. late 20s but seriously looked about 19. Tall, slim, toned, and needed to get off. I got down on my knees straight away and pulled down his pants. His juicy 7.5" uncut cock bounced up in to my face. I took it all in my mouth and sucked him, gently at first, then fast. Think he was drunk or something he was moaning a lot and clearly enjoying it. Sucked him for about 5 minutes till he started breathing really loudly and I knew his load was on its way. I took his cock deep in my mouth as he came and swallowed every drop. Licked every last drop off his sexy foreskin afterwards. Was so hot!! His cum was kinda salty but sweet and really good. :)

Next guy was asian, not something I go for usually but he was hot, toned body, mid 20s and cut cock. About 7" or so. He was clearly off his face. He asked if he could undress.. ummm, ok, whatever, I thought ... had a bit of trouble stopping him from trying to feel my ass or undress me -- I just wanted to suck cock. Eventually convinced him to just stand there and shoot his load. Got it down my throat it no time :)

Hooked up with a few more guys but stuff happened and they didnt get a chance to cum. Damn.

Later on I went to a sex club.... well, more a seedy, dodgy place that tends to get lots of gross old guys. Wasn't there long -- too many fat freaks -- but about 2 mins after arriving I found a hot(ish) older guy getting sucked through a glory hole. Started feeling him him and he took his cock out and shoved it in my mouth. He was clearly on the edge as I had his load shooting down my throat in no time. Swallowed it (of course) and then looked through the glory hole. There was a hot naked guy, around 40-45 I'd say, but with a hot body and massive cut cock. At least 8" maybe more. He shoved his cock down my throat and within seconds was shooting his load. So hot!!

16 December 2012


just swallowed a third load. older guy, maybe 40 or so, but slim smooth body and a decent 7.5 cut cock. deepthroated him till he shot a huge load down my throat. complete blow n go... nothing much else to report!
although he was wearing a wedding ring.. so hot sucking off a straight guy


oops, haven't updated in yonks. Swallowed 2 guys today. First was wog, late 30s, massive uncut cock around 9 inches + I reckon. He sat on the couch and got his big cock out. I sniffed some poppers and got working on his monster.. sucking it slowly, playing with the foreskin, taking both his balls in my mouth. Alternated between his balls and working his cock, taking it as deep as I could.

didn't take him long to shoot his load in my mouth. tasted SO good.. big, thick and sweet, with a bit of saltiness to it. I licked his cock clean afterwards.

Second guy was an early 20s twink, very cute face and reasonable body, totally smooth, and 8" uncut cock. Worked on it for a while and he wanted to feed me his load, but took FOREVER to cum... was pretty tired afterwards but still got a big creamy load down my throat ;)

04 August 2012

deepthroated an 18yo

I just deepthroated an 18yo! So fucking hot. Can still taste his nervous awkward teenage cum in my mouth. He sent me some amazing pics of his body, smooth and white and 6 pack, and said he was keen to hook up. How could I resist?

His face wasn't as nice as I imagined but his body was exactly as in the photos. Young and yum. He tried to be talkative and had his shirt off in no time so I licked his nipples and worked my way down... He wanted to kiss and all that shit but I didn't want to kiss him, had to negotiate that a bit.

Pulled down his pants and a big fat 8" cut cock was right in front of my face.. Wow. It was very decent. I licked the tip and then took it all deepthroat. He was worried he would cum too quick and kept pushing me off and trying to kiss, haha!

Eventually got him laying on the bed and I was deepthroating him, taking his huge teen cock right to the balls. He didn't last very long and all of a sudden when I'd pulled my head back and just had my lips on his cock said he was cumming. So I took the whole thing in my mouth and held still as he ejaculated straight down my throat. It nearly fucking drowned me!

So much cum and it tasted so good. Really, really sweet definitely some of the best I've ever had. I told him afterwards he could cum in my mouth whenever he wants.

17 July 2012

swallowed 2 loads just now

so, VERY long time no post. oops. i wanna get this blog going again.

i was chatting to a young dude online earlier, 21 slim a little body hair, decent 7" uncut cock. Told him he could blow in my mouth if he got another guy to come with him. Didn't think he'd do it... I wasn't that horny and wanted to see if he could.

After a bit of stuffing around he found someone, early 20s, 7" cut, not very good pictures but I was horny as. The first guy arranged for them to both come at once to fill my throat then leave.

I told them I was a cum slut and just wanted to swallow their loads. They both walked in, it was dark, I was on my knees and ready. I undid the first guys belt and got his cock out and started sucking on it. He was hard almost instantly. A reasonable cock I guess, uncut and little bent upwards. As I was sucking him the second guy got his cock out. This was better. Cut and straight. Nice.

I moved over to the other guy and sucked his cock, then alternated between them. The first guy shoved a bottle of poppers under my nose while I had his cock deep in my mouth. That's always a big turn on.

After a bit of sucking the first guy said he was ready to blow... so he shot a huge sweet tasty load in my mouth. I swallowed most of it but left some still in my mouth. When he was done I moved over to the second guy, putting my cum filled mouth on his cock. That got him horny as and he was blowing his load in seconds. Another big, sweet, great tasting load. Hot. I gulped it all down.

20 March 2011

six twinks

In the past week I've sucked off 6 hot twinks. Some of them together, and some of them twice. It's always hot getting a mouthful of twink sperm.

First one was the other week. He was horny and didn't have much time but needed to get off, so he got me to suck his cock. He was about 20, cute, hot smooth toned body. Had a decent cock too, about 7.5" uncut and good thickness. He was in shorts and a t-shirt when I walked in, so I got down on my knees and pulled his cock out of his shorts. He was already hard so I sucked on it and took it in my mouth deepthroat. Tasted great. Sucked him for a bit then pulled off to lick his balls and suck on them a bit. Made him take off his shirt and it was a huge turn on looking up at his hot twink body. I got back on his cock and he fucked my face a bit, then pulled me off so he could jack off. He asked where I wanted him to cum and I said in my mouth. So as he blew his load I took his cock in my mouth, sucked it deep till he had spurted all his cum down my throat. I got up and left.

Next one was one of the hot twink boys I'd sucked off not long ago... the one that told me I have a great mouth. He has such a hot face and body. I took off his shirt and licked his nipples. His body is so tight and hot! While I did that I undid his belt and dropped his pants down. His big uncut cock was getting hard and looked awesome. He took of my shirts and pants and I rubbed my body and cock against his. After holding his hot body against mine for a bit I got down and sucked his cock. It felt so good in my mouth and he loved it. I deepthroated his cock and every time he seemed surprised, almost a mix of shock and pleasure. I don't think this boy gets deepthroated much... he'd kind of pull back a bit as I did it, as if he didn't want to hurt me or something. But after a bit I had my hands on his hips holding him in place. He was moaning a bit and I didn't want him to blow too quickly, so I stopped and licked his balls a bit, gradually working my tongue lower and lower. It wasn't long before I had him turned around with his ass sticking into my face. His hole tasted sweet and smooth, just like a hot twink ass should. Rimmed him till I was gasping for air and then went back to his cock. He rewarded me with a huge load down my throat, which I swallowed. As he shot I deepthroated and held my head there, feeling shoot after shoot of hot cum on the back of my tongue and sliding down my throat. Hot!

Not long after that I sucked another hot twink. Also sucked him off today and each time it was pretty much the same thing. He got naked, walked up to me, and I licked his nipples while playing with his balls. Then I got on my knees and sucked his balls, looking up at his hot toned body. I took his 7.5" uncut cock in my mouth, sucking it and playing with the foreskin. He sat down and had my head between his legs. I sucked on his cock till he blew. He has the cutest look on his face as he is about to blow and makes these hot moaning sounds as he does. The first time I told him to blow all over my face. The second time (today) I swallowed.

There was a reason for making him shoot a massive load on my face. Another twink wanted to get sucked off afterwards (actually he wanted me to suck 2 guys at once, which was hot, but the first guy isn't into threesomes). So I told him my face was covered in cum and I'l swallow his load. He is about 23, cute wog boy, gorgeous face and nice 7" uncut straight-as-a-rod cock. I got on my knees while he took his cock out, and I made him rub it in my face, smearing around the other twink's cum. Then I deepthroated him and licked up all of that cum. This dude is young and looks innocent but defnitely knows how to fuck a face. He grabbed the back of my head and told me to deepthroat. As I did he held my head down. He was firmly holding me in place and fucked my face good. It was all on his terms, him in control.. I was just a mouth that he wanted to get off in. He shot his load without warning and held my head down as he blew. I could feel it shooting straight down my throat. He said thanks, pulled up his shorts and disappeared.

And a few nights later... two twinks at once! One was the fucking hot 20yo from a few weeks ago, with the body of a model and a nice thick 7.5 cut cock. The other was his mate, early 20s, tall and hairy body (yum), and decent 8" uncut cock. Turns out the first dude is really into groups and wanted to line one up, but this is all we could manage at short notice. We all undressed and I got on my knees and sucked off the uncut guy. They kissed over the top of me. I then went to the cut twink and sucked him off too, and in no time had both cocks in my mouth. It was hot as. The uncut guy really liked being deepthroated and fucking my face. The whole thing would have been hotter if things stayed like that, but the cut dude is also a bottom (ah, the super cute twinks always are). So he wanted to share his mates cock with me and a lot of the time I was waiting my turn. But nevermind. After a while I asked them if they wanted to blow. I was laying on my back with both kneeling over my face, one on each side. Was trying to suck them both off although from that angle its pretty hard, and almost impossible to deepthroat properly. They were jacking off and kissing each other, and the uncut dude blew his load. He shot it all over my face and stretched out tongue, and I made sure to suck the cum off his cock afterwards. A few mins later the cut twink blew his load that way too. I missed some of the cum from both of them... the whole situation wasn't ideal but it was still very hot.

In other news I:
- hooked up with the hot hung arab again. Got two loads out of him, both down my throat. We were playing around for over an hour.
- got face fucked and spanked hard by the older hung wog guy I hook up with every now and then. Next time he does it I will definitely blog it.
- had a hot massage from a cute boy who shot his load all over my back then used it to massage me.
- sucked off a 30-something dude with a cut cock, but he didn't cum. so not newsworthy.

11 March 2011

Blog update

I have made a backup of this blog.. http://aussiecocksucker.bestmalediaries.com
Bookmark it in case there are any issues with this site