01 March 2011

two cut twinks

I sucked off two cut twinks recently.. one the other day, and one just then.

First guy was about 20, average height, alright body and 7" cut cock, perfectly straight. He was pretty horny and said he wanted me to suck him. He asked if I wanted him to lay back while I sucked him, or if I wanted him to fuck his face. So you can guess what he told me... He had me on my knees, naked, while he stood over me and shoved his dick in my face. It slid into my mouth easily and I spend a few mins playing with it, taking it deep and sucking gently on the head. Then he held his hands on the back of my head and fucked my face hard. He shoved his cock right in so my nose was squashed against his body and used my mouth to get off. Very hot! I had to stop every now and then to breathe! Wasn't long before I felt a hot load gushing down my throat.. nearly drowned me while I was trying to swallow it all. It was huge.

Second guy was 21, very cute face, hot slim toned and smooth body. He was a bit thin but his hotness more than enough made up for that. He held his body against mine while we undressed each other. Was so hot sliding down his pants and briefs to see a hot cut cock pop out. It was about 7.5 inches, with an awesome head, and hard. I got on my knees and took the whole thing in my mouth, slowly and gently. I deepthroated it nice and slow while he stood over me, watching the whole time. After a while I took down the pace a bit and sucked him normally, playing with his awesome cock head with my tongue.

He asked me where I wanted him to cum and where I was gonna cum. I told him I want him to cum in my mouth. He asked about me. I said we'll see. I sucked on his cock a bit more, deepthroating and playing with his cock head. He seemed to really get off on having his cock half in my mouth with my hand jacking him off. He suddenly asked if I was ready for it. I got a great big load im my mouth.. really sweet tasting and awesome. While he was still blowing I deepthroated again and got the rest of his cum straight down my throat. I sucked his cock clean.

After that he asked where I was gonna cum. I told him I'm tired and will take ages, so it doesn't matter. But he insisted. I told him it was OK and I don't need to cum. He left saying he felt really bad about it.. no idea why though. Maybe next time I'll blow too.